The Power of Propense: The Future of Cross-Selling


By Henri Pierre-Jacques, Gabby Cazeau and Melody Hahm

Companies struggle to identify and target cross-selling opportunities, resulting in missed revenue and lost business, leaving money on the table.

Individual contributors at a firm perform a specific set of tasks, and frankly do a lackluster job selling all the other things the organization can do for its client base. There is a glaring opening to cross-sell services and products with higher profit margins.

In an increasingly automated and commoditized landscape, the professional services industry’s business model – which has historically relied on legacy recurring revenue streams – has been in dire need of transformation.

Enter anticipates client needs and streamlines the sales experience for accounting and legal professionals. By marrying AI technology with data science, user psychology, human behavior, and industry insights, provides highly probable cross-selling recommendations for existing customers. We’re so proud to be investing in the first platform of its kind that maximizes revenue opportunities for professional services firms.

Harlem Capital is leading the $3 million seed investment in, a SaaS platform using AI technology, data science, and user psychology to improve client service and drive cross-selling revenue for professional services firms. Participating investors include Operator Collective, New Enterprise Associates (NEA Angel Fund), DeepWork Capital, and Glass Family Office, among others.

“I’ve followed Tim’s journey building Propense since meeting him in 2022 at a Miami Tech conference. We remained in touch and I continued to be impressed by his sales insights from working at Introhive for five years, uniquely positioning him to understand this customer’s problem,” said Henri Pierre-Jacques, Harlem Capital Managing Partner.

The operative goal is to empower companies to drive revenue and streamline processes by using their own data. This unlocks countless opportunities for individuals who aren’t comfortable with sales by equipping them with the confidence and ability to cross-sell in a more targeted and effective way. is now moving into production from its beta with a selected group of clients, including Bennett Thrasher, CBIZ, Elliott Davis, FORVIS, HoganTaylor, LBMC, Maudlin Jenkins, Plante Moran and Rehmann. The company is currently invite-only and will onboard its next group of clients later this year before going public in 2025.

The team’s proprietary tech has exponential possibilities for disruption across the industry. With nearly seven million full-time employees across the finance and insurance, management consulting, accounting, and legal services industries in the U.S., Propense’s potential market opportunity exceeds $1.5 billion. We’re excited to be on this journey with


Founded in 2023 and headquartered in Miami, is a Black-owned SaaS platform that identifies new revenue streams for businesses with the power of AI technology.’s B2B predictive sales intelligence model enables firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue by analyzing historical and market data points to reveal revenue opportunities hiding in plain sight. was co-founded by Timothy Keith, CEO, Nnamdi Anyanwu, CTO, and Alexander Diaz, Head of Operations & Finance. For more information, visit

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