We are currently investing out of our $40mm Fund I.

Investment Criteria

Everything you need to know about our investment criteria is outlined below. Please submit the investment form if looking for an investment.

Our Five Pillars

  1. 01

    We invest in founders from all backgrounds, genders and walks of life

  2. 02

    Not only do we aim to invest, but also seek to develop an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and companies

  3. 03

    We believe good investments are often simple solutions to difficult problems

  4. 04

    We are industry agnostic because we believe the majority of early stage companies have similar development areas

  5. 05

    We strive to provide the most value-add per invested dollar by leveraging our various backgrounds and network

Our Criteria

We are currently investing out of our $40mm Fund I. We make investments of $500k-$1mm in US Seed and Series A rounds.

  1. 01

    High quality, resilient management team with at least one full-time founder

  2. 02

    Post product market fit

  3. 03

    Disruptive business model solving an important problem

  4. 04

    Large market size ($1B+) with positive demand drivers

  5. 05

    Attractive valuation in priced or capped Seed or Series A Round (7-10% ownership target)

  6. 06

    Ability for HCP to provide strong added value

  7. 07

    Investment realization horizon of 4 to 7 years

Investment FORM

Thanks for your interest in Harlem Capital! We’re excited to learn about your company.

If your company meets our criteria, please fill out this form so our team can learn about your company. Please download our Deck Template if you are looking for guidance.

Please allow us at least two weeks to get you our thoughts. You can find more details on what we look for in investments here. Please note, we generally do not invest in Biotech, Consumer Products, Cannabis, Crypto, Hardware, or capital intensive businesses. We also do not invest in projects (plays, music, etc.) or provide small business loans. We only invest in USA based companies.