We’re committed to a mission bigger than ourselves.

The world is missing out on a great deal of innovative companies by not investing more heavily in women and diverse entrepreneurs. Harlem Capital is addressing the disparity ourselves rather than waiting for other Venture Capital firms to come around.

According to a recent study by NVCA:

Black investors are only 3% of venture capitalists, with the majority being white males at 80%.

Investors by Race

Communities of color are massive exporters of cultural and economic value, thus the more of us we have on the investor side of the table, the more we can proactively ensure more women and founders of color build equity in the same ecosystem we’re helping to build.

We believe it’s important for founders to know there are people who look like them willing to invest in and support them and for the next generation to know that they too can be successful in VC.

Diversity of Investments

  • 0%

    Diverse Founders

  • 0%

    Female Founders

  • 0%

    Black/Latino Founders

We’re changing the face of entrepreneurship and create generational wealth for people of color and women. It is why we have introduced "culture carry", allowing our founders to split 1% of the fund’s carry with the hope that all founders will benefit directly from each other’s success.

Our goal

Invest in 1,000 diverse founders