Harlem Capital Invests in 4Degrees, SaaS for Improving Professional Relationships


Ablorde Ashigbi, Co-Founder and CEO of 4Degrees

Harlem Capital is proud to announce its recent investment in 4Degrees, a Chicago-based enterprise software company founded in 2017 by Ablorde Ashigbi (CEO) and David Vandegrift (CTO). 4Degrees enables relationship-driven businesses to maximize cross-team networks, leverage relationship intelligence to build better professional connections, and automate manual relationship-based data entry and report generation tasks.

The Harlem Capital team met Ablorde Ashigbi in early 2018 and appreciated the co-founder’s passion and drive, demonstrated by timely check-ins with the team over the course of two years. In January 2020, Harlem Capital’s Managing Partner Jarrid Tingle reconnected with Ashigbi to learn more about the company’s seed round and was “struck by the company’s progress, its product-focused and highly regarded founders, impeccable product design and UX, and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.”

Harlem Capital was so impressed by the product that it is not only an investor in, but also a customer of 4Degrees. Their product addresses a pertinent pain point for relationship-driven businesses that are otherwise limited in their ability to provide intelligent, integrated solutions leveraging data and machine learning. For example, the 4Degrees dashboard presents actionable network insights including recent articles, job changes, deal activity, relevant tweets, and travel-based connection recommendations. The user-friendly platform works on mobile and plugs into existing applications and CRM tools, such as Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Crunchbase, Salesforce, and Twitter. We encourage our VC/PE relationships to check it out.

4Degrees’ current offering is focused on a subset of industries within the $26 billion U.S. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market including finance, service, construction, and non-profit (Source: Grandview Research). The market is projected to grow at 14% CAGR through 2025, increasing 4Degrees’ total addressable market from $12 billion to $31 billion over a five year period.

Harlem Capital is excited to partner with 4Degrees and support the team’s commitment to revolutionizing businesses’ ability to harness the power of intelligent relationship management.

Ablorde Ashigbi notes, “We’re thrilled to partner with the Harlem Capital team on our journey to help professionals manage and maximize their most important asset — their relationship networks. Their counsel, responsiveness, and networks have already proven to be valuable to us, and we’re excited to deepen our work with them in the years to come.”

About 4Degrees

4Degrees is the relationship management system built for relationship driven industries. 4Degrees combines automation to eliminate data entry about your team’s relationship network and deals with actionable intelligence to move them forward. Request a demo at 4degrees.ai.

About Harlem Capital

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