Elevating Excellence: Announcing Harlem Capital’s Promotions


We have exciting news today at Harlem Capital as we proudly announce the promotions of Gabby Cazeau to Partner and Nicole DeTommaso to Principal.

Paving the Partner Path

Gabby Cazeau is a trailblazer who launched her remarkable journey in VC when she joined Harlem Capital’s first intern class in Spring 2018 and joined full time as a Senior Associate in Fall 2019. As an engineer, Gabby has always been drawn to solving massive problems with none bigger than bridging the capital gap for diverse founders. Her passion for solving this challenge is her north star as she invests in and uplifts founders building world-changing companies. From those early beginnings, Gabby played a vital role in establishing the foundations of Harlem Capital, propelling the firm towards institutional scale.

As Principal, Gabby reached new heights as she joined board roles and led portfolio support for companies such as Singuli, Sauce, and others. She’s helped with new investments in companies like Assemble and Portabl. Gabby sourced and led investments in Lami and SilkChart. One of her core focus areas is building within the tech ecosystem to support diverse operators as they become angel investors, VCs, and founders. As part of that work, Gabby helped launch Harlem Capital’s Angel program and Founder Launchpad program 

We are so proud to announce Gabby’s extraordinary milestone as she joins the Partnership, symbolizing her growth and invaluable contributions to Harlem Capital’s success story. Her journey, from intern to Partner, is an inspiration for our team and others, exemplifying what it looks like to continually reach new levels and push even further.  As Partner, Gabby will focus on leading new investments across categories, backing exceptional founders as they solve our most pressing problems. She’ll continue scaling Harlem Capital’s work with operators to build the strongest community of diverse builders. She will also work to support portfolio companies, lead firm initiatives, and take on larger leadership roles within the firm. 

Be sure to follow Gabby on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date on her takes on VC, startups, and Harlem Capital. 

Reaching New Heights

Nicole DeTommaso has been paving her path in the VC world at a rapid pace. She first joined the team as an intern in Summer 2020, before returning as a Senior Associate in Spring 2021. Now we’re elated to promote her to Principal. Nicole has been an invaluable asset to Harlem Capital, launching programs such as Harlem Capital on Campus and leading our data & insights initiatives, which includes some of the notable reports we release to the public like our Diverse Founder Report. Nicole has also helped with new investments such as Poolit and AllieHealth, while also helping with key portfolio company support for companies such as Stuf, Agape, Chatdesk and more. She was also the first-ever intern to source a deal that the firm invested in.

Outside of Harlem Capital, Nicole has also been making big waves in the overall VC and startup ecosystem for her work demystifying the VC industry for aspiring & current VCs and founders looking for funding. This past year Nicole was named a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree within the Venture Capital category for her work. She has grown an audience of over 70k+ followers across platforms, all looking for the same thing: access to VC information. Nicole shares insights on the industry daily and posts weekly VC job openings threads. We’re proud to say that Nicole has helped countless individuals land jobs at VC firms including NEA, Eniac, Coinbase Ventures, Thomson Reuters Ventures, NY Life Ventures + more and has helped a number of founders with fundraising. 

In her new role as Principal, Nicole will continue pushing the firm forward focusing on sourcing, diligence and portfolio company support. She’ll also be continuing to build out Harlem Capital on Campus to help students achieve their dreams of becoming a founder or VC by providing them with the information they need early with hopes of forming long lasting relationships between students and HCP, where we can support them on their full journey from university onward.

Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram to stay up to date on her takes on VC, startups, and Harlem Capital.

Building for Success

“Today, we celebrate the promotions of Gabby and Nicole and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Gabby has been with us for five years and Nicole for 3.5 years so they have become an integral part of the team. It has been a pleasure to build with them, their unwavering commitment has been a source of inspiration. I am grateful to have them by our side as we pursue our mission,” says Henri Pierre-Jacques, Managing Partner of Harlem Capital. 

“Congratulations to Gabby and Nicole for the hard-earned promotions! Gabby started working with Harlem Capital before we managed any LP capital and was early proof of the unlimited potential of our intern program. She brings an amazing work ethic, process-based approach, and relationship-building ability to the firm.

“Nicole has continued to impress us and level up since she joined our team. I am amazed at her investment judgment, analytical ability, and genuine interest in helping candidates break into VC. I’m honored to work alongside Gabby and Nicole and look forward to seeing their future development”, says Jarrid Tingle, Managing Partner of Harlem Capital.

“It has been such an awesome journey with the Harlem Capital team these last few years. The promotion to Partner is such a big milestone, and reflects the trust and belief the team has in me. I’m excited to continue building with this incredible team as we scale the firm, invest in founders, and continue pursuing our mission. We have so much more to accomplish and are just getting started,” says Gabby Cazeau, Partner at Harlem Capital

“I’ve been obsessed with the Harlem Capital mission since I learned about the firm back in 2020. It’s an honor to take this next step in this journey with an incredible team. We have so much more to do but I’ve never been more motivated than now to do the work this ecosystem needs,” says Nicole DeTommaso, Principal at Harlem Capital

We’re excited to continue growing and helping more diverse founders and operators within the VC and tech ecosystems. If you believe in our mission to change the face of entrepreneurship, keep an eye out for future opportunities to work with our team via our Internship or Founder Launchpad.

About Harlem Capital: 

Harlem Capital Partners (HCP) is an early-stage, diversity-focused venture capital firm. HCP makes initial investments of $1mm to $2.5mm in US Seed rounds for 10-15% ownership.

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