Meet The 2021 Summer Intern Class at Harlem Capital – Fall Applications Open


Harlem Capital Family,

Please help us in welcoming our Summer Intern Class: Amanda Irizarry, Amira Khatib, Derek Oliver, Gregorio Concha-Toro, Houston Rhodes and Raquel Scott.  They are joined by 2 fellows from our Winter 2021 intern class: Abhi Pandya and Tonna Obaze

The 6 applicants were chosen from a pool of 980 applications, leading to a 0.6% acceptance rate. The applicants were 34% women and 53% Black and Latinx. 

This intern class has 1 full-time employee, 2 MBA students, 2 incoming MBAs and 1 Doctoral student.  The students are at the University of Chicago, Columbia, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania. The employee comes from Audax Group. The interns’ prior experiences include tech, marketing, finance, dentistry and healthcare.

We have now had 64 interns over 11 classes with 5,969 applicants, a 1.1% acceptance rate. Given we can’t provide opportunities to the majority that apply, we are offering access to our HCP talent platform to all applicants that receive a first round interview. We currently have 75+ investment funds looking for top diverse talent. If you are an investment fund interested in joining, please fill out this form.

Our Fall 2021 application is now open until June 30th, APPLY or SHARE.   


The Harlem Capital Team

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