Meet Harlem Capital’s 2018 Spring Intern Cohort


Dear Harlem Capital Family,

We are pleased to announce Harlem Capital’s first ever Spring Intern cohort. We are well aware of how difficult it can be to #BreakIntoVC (nod to Bradley Miles), as this industry has tall barriers to entry. Thus, we felt a special responsibility as a diversity-focused venture firm to extend a first-hand look into what growing a VC firm looks like to more women and minorities.

The response was eye-opening. We received 130 applications, 26% of which were women, 85% black and latino and entries from 23 states across the country. These stats serve as evidence of a clear and strong existing demand from women and people of color to get involved in this asset class.

It was a highly competitive application process. From the 130 applicants, we narrowed it down to just 10 women and 10 men for the first selection round. After which, we interviewed 5 women and 5 men. For the Final Round, we had applicants submit an Investment Presentation and Industry Overview on a company and sector of their choice. This process resulted in announcing our 4 latest additions to the team — a 3% acceptance rate.

For those interested in applying for our summer cohort, here are some key takeaways that may increase your odds of being considered as a candidate. The 2018 Summer Internship Application is now open and will close on April 5th.


  1. Be Passionate — Passion, above all qualifications and credentials, is ultimately the quality that shines through brightest. It’s what enables people to learn, think, and do the most effectively.
  2. Be rooted in ‘Doing’ — Keep your resumes and materials focused on what you’ve done, and what you’d like to do. It’s okay to include studies, but often times past projects speak the loudest.
  3. Have a viewpoint — Don’t be afraid to have a distinct and differentiated viewpoint. Let that shine through in the interview process.
  4. Keep it simple — Keep materials short and sweet. Three page resumes rarely get digested as well as one pagers.
  5. Follow up — Last but not least, follow up. It goes a long way and reads well to see a candidate follow up and re-affirm their interest in the position and humility at the opportunity.

We’re looking forward to the new perspective that these bright, young minds will bring to the table. Join us in extending a warm welcome to our new interns on the team.


Harlem Capital Team

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