Introducing the Diversity Portal


Google Diversity Event at Harlem Coffee Co.

It turns out, the hardest part about investing in women and minority entrepreneurs, has been finding women and minority entrepreneurs.

We’re Harlem Capital Partners, a minority-owned venture firm on a mission to invest in 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. We invest in founders from all backgrounds but reserve at least 50% of our capital towards diverse founders; which we define as women, minorities, LGBTQ, and Veterans.

After hours of scouring the web in search of minority entrepreneurs to invest in, and fellow diversity-focused investors to invest with; we realized that there wasn’t a single definitive resource available on the web to find entrepreneurs of color. No database. No excel sheet. No nothing. So — we set out to create one.

There should be an online resource available to make it easier for our fellow founders to raise capital. Something simple that allows you to search through a database of investors that are particularly receptive to investment opportunities from our communities.

If you’re a founder, you’re probably familiar with the term Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. In other words: The most barebones way to build something out and prove that it works / is needed. Well, that’s exactly what our portal is — A v 1.0. A simple Google Form that collects your information and drops it in our (slowly) growing database.

And the most important part of this all? Your participation!

If you are a woman, minority, LGBTQ, or Veteran entrepreneur, it would mean so much to us if you took 2 minutes to fill out our Diversity Portal form.

It’s not only a huge help to us, but to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole. The world is resting on your shoulders… (no pressure)

The initial goal is to make the database publicly available just as soon as it’s valuable enough to share. Additionally, we’ll synthesize this data quarterly and share reports aimed to help you navigate the landscape more effectively.

We so appreciate your support in advance. Let’s change the face of entrepreneurship, together.

Warm Regards,

The Harlem Capital Partners Team

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