READ: 1H21 U.S. Diverse Fundraising Insights Report


Introducing our 1H21 U.S. Diverse Fundraising Insights Report, which tracks the # and $ volume of capital raised by diverse founders across funding stages. We utilized Crunchbase’s new Diversity Spotlight data as the source for our insights. Link to the full report.

Some insights we found:
1) 1H21 saw 900 diverse fundraises totaling $18 billion of capital raised

2) Black & Latino founders made up 23% of the number of 1H21 diverse deals, and 24% of diverse deal volume 

3) Women founders made up 77% of the number of 1H21 diverse deals, and 80% of diverse deal volume

4) The dollar volume of diverse fundraises more than doubled from 2Q20 to 2Q21, with Black & Latino fundraising volume growing ~230%

5) The number of diverse fundraises has declined by 14% over the same period, meaning the amount of capital raised per round is larger


Thank you Nicole for aggregating!

Here’s the link to the full report.

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