John Henry is Venture Partner of Harlem Capital Partners where he focuses on media relations.  John was featured on the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list, 2019 Inc. 30 under 30 list, and the 2018 Ebony Power 100 list. In addition, he is the Managing Partner of a Real Estate fund, VM Properties.  John previously invested in seed stage Real Estate tech companies through an accelerator, AREA.  He also hosted Open For Business, a branded podcast from eBay and Gimlet Creative about building businesses from the ground up.  The show debuted at #1 on the Business Podcasts charts on iTunes.

At the age of 18 John left college to pursue what became his first company, an on-demand laundry service. John quickly carved a niche out in Film and Television Production, handling wardrobe for clients such as Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order: SVU, Power and more. Within just two years of launching Mobile City, the company was successfully acquired.  Afterwards, John cofounded a non-profit incubator, Cofound Harlem, with a mission to incubate over 100 companies north of 96th street in New York City.  

John is also an avid speaker; delivering keynotes at conferences such as Big Omaha, Aruba Tech Conference, Millennial Week, and more.  To learn more about John Henry, visit his website.