HCP has "Five Pillars" that shape our investment criteria:

  • We invest in founders from all backgrounds, genders and walks of life

  • Not only do we aim to invest, but also seek to develop an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and companies

  • We believe good investments are often simple solutions to difficult problems

  • We are industry agnostic because we believe the majority of early stage companies have similar development areas

  • We strive to provide the most value-add per invested dollar by leveraging our various backgrounds and network

HCP's Investment Criteria:

  • Resilient management team with at least one full-time founder

  • Run-rate revenue of $100k+

  • Ability for HCP to provide strong added value

  • Attractive valuation in priced or capped Seed or Series A Round

  • Investment of management team's personal capital

  • Underserved markets with favorable dynamics

  • Investment realization horizon of 4 to 7 years